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The Power of Heels


Together with with the dance organization Vienna Heels Kunstforum Wien celebrates the legacy of the photographer Helmut Newton and pays tribute to him with an extraordinary dance performance, all due to the exhibition "Helmut Newton Legacy".

This artistic dance performance, a homage to Newton, addresses expressively the power of high heels and those that are wearing them, since the star photographer staged high heels in such an elementary and style-defining way as probably no one else.

“With Vienna Heels, we have specialized in teaching dance sport in high heels in connection with female empowerment. Heels Dance is associated with strengthening self-confidence and promoting self-acceptance. The power that comes from a confident postur and physical effort can also be found in Newton's pictures. That is exactly what we want to show and pay tribute to with our interpretation of Newtons work” comment Teresa Janschitz and Sabrina Zehetbauer from Vienna Heels.


About »Helmut Newton Legacy«

Helmut Newton's oeuvre is as influential as it is iconic: by breaking with conventional practice, Newton dissolved the boundaries between reality and illusion. The clear aesthetic characterizes all areas of his work: the spotlight belonged to the women in front of his camera. Powerful, aggressive, self-confident, they face the viewer. Newton probed social and moral limits, and today still – or, most of all, once more – challenges us to this day to questions that preoccupy us.

The exhibition "Helmut Newton Legacy" draws attention to a ouevre in the field of tension between art and commerce, that hovers between the charged polarities of art and commerce, reflecting the volatile zeitgeist of the 1960s and continuing to around the turn of the millennium.

The exhibition can be seen until January 15, 2023.
More information about the exhibition can be found here.


About Vienna Heels

Vienna Heels is the first dance and event company in Vienna that is specialized on teaching the art of dancing in high heels and combining female empowerment with the diversity of sport and feminity, today called Heels Dance. Vienna Heels connects Heels Dance with strengthening self-confidence and promoting self-acceptance.

Besides conveying an extraordinary lifestyle, the focus of the company is on the creation of stylish choreographies for artistic videos, short films, music videos and live shows for TV productions. With combining the art of movement, self-confidence, incredible presence and the love of dance, Vienna Heels inspires the audience.

More information about Vienna Heels here.