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Gravel Truck  © Hsu, Cheng-Tang



Homeland of Hybridity

02.08.2024 - 25.08.2024

On the way to Damahu 1 © Lee, Hsu-Pin93-Year-Old Couple © Wei, RobinAfter Olympia (Manet) © Tzeng, Yi-HsinNankunshen Dai Tian Temple (The celebration ceremony of  Highness Royal Lord Lee’s Birthday) © Chen, Po-I

Prompted by the socio-political climate around the presidential elections of January 2024 in Taiwan the exhibition “Tayouan – Homeland of Hybridity” aims to highlight the country’s practice of humanistic values such as democracy, freedom and equal rights.



The entry is free

The exhibition attempts to present two aspects of Taiwan’s contemporary landscape: on one side the natural landscape of mountains and rivers, on the other side the cultural landscape of people and society. Thus, the approach to Taiwan’s multifaceted landscapes is twofold: “Island of Mountains” displays works by Hsu Cheng Tang, Lee Hsu Pin and Wu Sih Chin, “Land of Ten Thousand People” comprises works by Chen Po-I, Robin Wei and Tzeng Yi-Hsin.


“Tayouan – Homeland of Hybridity” attempts a comprehensive approach to both natural and cultural landscapes of a country, that after centuries of constant transformations has morphed into a place of diversity and inclusion.



This exhibition is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Republic of China, Taiwan

Lee Hsu-Pin

Nicole Dai

Anne Avramut



Opening on Thursday, 1.8.2024, at 17:00


Ultra Mare

07/09/2024 - 08/09/2024

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