Energy Saving Measures


Dear Visitors to the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien,

we are well aware that cultural institutions also have to contribute in future towards saving energy – and especially in the coming winter season. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that we have to care about the safety of our visitors and of the exhibits. So when you visit our Helmut Newton exhibition – and this is something you must unconditionally do – you will notice or see that there are hardly any differences to other exhibitions. Apart from our educational programme linked to the exhibition for children and young people, you won’t need a torch or winter coat for your visit; and you don’t need to worry about Helmut Newton’s photographic works either: they are kept in perfect and state-of-the-art climactic conditions and equipped with optimal energy-efficient technology in compliance with all conservational, safety and insurance regulations.

In summer 2022 we renewed our lighting systems and converted to LED technology, which enabled us permanently to reduce 80 percent of the lighting energy alone. During hours of darkness, thus between 7 and 10 pm, we shall dispense with the lighting of our house posters. So very little will change for you as a visitor, but we have taken a little action as regards our visiting hours: until further notice we shall no longer stay open until 9 pm on Fridays. The opening hours for Newton are thus reduced to between 10 am and 7 pm daily; bookings for private events are retained. The most important aspect for us is that in times like these, especially places for art as sites of encounter, controversy, joy – but especially of light and warmth – survive unscathed.

Ingried Brugger