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Self Portrait, Marc Chagall, 1914, Collection Im Obersteg © VBK, Wien, 2003


Under the Modernist Spell

Picasso, Chagall, Jawlensky

04.09.2003 - 30.11.2003

Landscape with Church (Murnau), 1909 Collection Im Obersteg © VBK, Wien, 2003Abstract head (Mysterium), 1925, Collection in Obersteg © VBK, Wien, 2002Buveuse d’absinthe, Pablo Picasso, 1901 Collection Im Obersteg © VBK, Wien, 2003Nu en plain air, Paul Cézanne, 1875/76 Collection Im Obersteg © VBK, Wien, 2003The Jew in Black and White, Marc Chagall, 1914 Collection Im Obersteg © VBK, Wien, 2003

In autumn 2003 the Bank Austria Kunstforum will show one of the last private Swiss collections not previously seen by the public, the one of the “ Im Obersteg” family.

The heart of the collection is a treasure trove of classic Modernist paintings including key works from Picasso’ s early period such as the “Absinth drinker” of 1901, masterpieces by Marc, Chagall such as the group of ”Jewish portraits” of 1914 and a Paul Cézanne outdoor nude of the 1870s.
The other focus is a representative selection of postwar art. Examples of informal painting ranging from Jean Dubuffet to Antonin Tàpies mark out the revolutionary positions in the visual arts after 1945. Immediately after the show at the Bank Austria Kunstforum, the “ Im Obersteg” collection will move as foundation on to the Kunstmuseum Basel, one of Switzerland’s most prestigious museums.


Roy Lichtenstein

11/12/2003 - 07/03/2004

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07/03/2003 - 29/06/2003

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