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Sultan Adler, Adlerkopf, 2018, Öl auf Leinwand, 33 x 40 cm © Courtesy the artist


Sultan Adler

03.08.2019 - 15.08.2019

In Sultan Adler's artistic work, the eagle is one of several recurring motifs. It is typical for a strong artistic character to pick strong, traditional and symbolically highly charged motifs.
For many people, the eagle symbolises strength, determination, leadership and courage. We associate the nature of the bird with freedom, with sublimity and its symbolic power stands for ferocity and nobility, since the times of Babylon, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, to name but a few civilizations. The eagle also has ties to spirituality and in some cultures embodies the strength of the sun, thus representing the life force.

Sultan Adler deals with the bird of prey in her own artistic way. She relativizes the motif with all its historical burdens, redefines its character, adds new aspects, so that in her work there is ample opportunity to find an individual position on the subject. Through transfer, this can lead to re-evaluations and rededications of other ideas. In this series of paintings, the eagle becomes a starting point, a general, multi-faceted protagonist. It rises into the air, but this time not as a predator, but the animal itself becomes an object of visual and spiritual confrontation.
In some small formats, the actual bird character is extremely reduced; the vignettes painted in thick layers are more reminiscent of historical, minimalist portraits than of real animal representations. In some paintings, the eagle almost seems to camouflage itself in the background of a lush, spotted, abstract botany.
We often find the bird shapes on another important object in Adler's art: woven into the pattern of an (oriental) carpet.
Sultan Adler (Acar) was born in Bremen in 1975. Her cultural background - she has Turkish roots - connects her in a crucial way with Western pictorial traditions. The ornamental runs through her oeuvre like a red thread. Thus, this exhibition not only links both thematic groups in its title Flying Ornament.

Sultan Adler's work has received numerous scholarships, most recently in 2018 as Artist in Residence in Ayvalik/Istanbul, among others in 2015 through the Karin Abt-Straubinger Foundation and through the Atelier Program of the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs, in 2012 with the Artist in Residence Berlin of the Senator for Culture Bremen and the Artist in Residence Bodrum/Art Suites Gallery Istanbul, as well as in 2008 through Summer Art Painters/Educult in the MuseumsQuartier, Vienna.
Sultan Adler currently lives and works in Istanbul.


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