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Mirjam Baker, Filmstill Nr. 1 (aus der Installation „Staub“) © Mirjam Baker Mirjam Baker, Filmstill Nr. 3 (aus der Installation „Staub“) © Mirjam Baker Mirjam Baker, Filmstill Nr. 8 (aus der Installation „Staub“) © Mirjam Baker


Mirjam Baker

03.10.2021 - 21.11.2021

In autumn 2021, the artist Mirjam Baker will plunge the tresor in the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien into a flood of colour(s): in the twelve sequences of the installation Staub (German for dust) viewers enter into vibrating colour fields – deep purple, vibrant magenta, intensive phthalo blue. Painted in exquisitely fine-tuned pigment and animated as film, the monochrome projections, when observed, attain a nuanced three-dimensionality.

Mirjam Baker worked on the soundtrack for Staub together with Carl Ludwig Hübsch; it was set to music by the bass flautist Angelika Sheridan. Acoustic and visual perception are expanded in this installation, which dovetails the media of painting, film and sound; monochromism and monotony open up new, sensory and sensuous experiential spaces.

Mirjam Baker was born in 1985 in Melk; since 2014 she has lived and worked in Cologne at the intersections of film and painting. She studied at the Royal College of Art in London and the Fachhochschule St. Pölten. She has won many awards and scholarships, including the Daler-Rowney Prize of the Royal College of Art, London, the Hubert Sielecki Prize, Vienna, and the Vienna Künstlerhaus Prize, also several grants for short films sponsored by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW (NRW Film and Media Foundation), the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the Federal State of Lower Austria. Her works are regularly shown in solo and group exhibitions.


With the friendly support of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW


Curator: Veronika Rudorfer



Veronika Rudorfer and Mirjam Baker in conversation about the installation Dust



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