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Aldo Giannotti, HOUSE OF CONSTRUCTS, 2023 © Aldo Giannotti


Aldo Giannotti

HOUSE OF CONSTRUCTS // in collaboration with Karin Pauer

13.06.2024 - 30.06.2024

What is an exhibition space today? How do we use it? Turning the exhibition space into a construction site where the line between art and labor gets blurred and distorted through time, visual artist Aldo Giannotti and choreographer Karin Pauer, together with the curator Lisa Ortner-Kreil, have developed an extraordinary project in search of answers to these questions.


HOUSE OF CONSTRUCTS is a site of various practices of building meaning collectively, opening a field of negotiations between the perception of time, labor practices and the canonized approach to an exhibition space. Visitors are encouraged to a self-determined engagement with the project which takes place between exhibition, performance, participation, and music. The exhibition rooms of the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien ¬ used since 1989 for exhibitions of fine art in the classical format – are transformed into a space for encounters and a site for the unfinished, the process, the vulnerable in-betweens where art is created.


Walls become the surface for constantly growing messages and drawings, the spectators perform work themselves. Stages, scaffoldings, and ropes, are tools for fulfilling the common goal. Sound, video and the museum guards are integrated in the process in order to spread the message and take a stance.

curated by

Lisa Ortner-Kreil


Robert Motherwell

Pure Painting

12/10/2023 - 14/01/2024

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